Antytila: The Score of War

Feature documentary film - in production

When Russia invades their country, members of the chart-topping Ukrainian pop-rock group Antytila stand their ground as soldiers while their families flee to safety. Antytila: The Score of War embeds with the band and its charming and ambitious frontman, Taras Topolia, as they continue to fight for their people both on the battlefield and onstage, constantly torn between two identities: rockstar and soldier. Can they defend their homeland — while also chasing their dreams? Which is more powerful — a gun or a song?

Antytila: The Score of War

The Militiaman

Award-winning documentary film

In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the leader of a local militia must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape of 2020 while at war with his own conscience.

The Militiaman

American Wrestler

Documentary film

An injured wrestler wants to leave his dead-end pizza delivery job to become the next WWE superstar. Stephen Andretta powerslams, piledrives and superkicks his way through training at a small Long Island gym, while looking for the gig that will finally land him in the big leagues. The competition is high and the risk of further injury increasing, but Even Stephen believes he has what it takes to make it all the way.

Even Steven

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